About Propertius

Propertius was an Augustan poet whose work is influential in elegy, romanticism, and history. His singular text, the Elegies, is a four-part poem that explores fantasies, dreams, and crisis, especially as he chases after––and sometimes runs from––his lover, Cynthia. His wit, emotion, and control over the Latin langauge have been studied for centuries.

Our Mission

Propertius’ texts have not (historically) been accessible. Our mission is to provide Latin students, teachers, and faculty the material through which they can engage with Propertius’ texts. Also, many scholars disagree on Propertius’ original text––this website provides different editions of the original Latin, so that students can properly engage with the version of their choice.

Privacy Policy

Propertius Project, Inc. is a North Carolina-based nonprofit which exists under fair use claim by the following: purpose and character of use, nature of copyright, minimal effect on value of original works, and substantiality of addition to new texts. The Propertius Project, Inc. exists for educational purposes only. This website is non commercial and is an affiliate of the University of North Carolina Department of Classics.


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